Living Grace Lutheran Church, Toowoomba

Core Program at 90 Jellicoe St, Toowoomba

Worship Service - Sunday: 9.30am
Prayer Watch - Friday: 7pm

#252 John - Coming Second (Xmas Series 01) by Edgar Mayer (30 Nov)
Downloads: Script

#251 Jesus Tent Pittsworth Debrief by Edgar Mayer (9 Nov 14)
Downloads: Script


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New Video and Audio Files:

#000 Identity by Bob Henderson (23/11/14)
Downloads: Message Video (Mp4) / Message Audio (Mp3)

#000 Asia Focus by August Fricke (26/10/14)
Downloads: Message Video (Mp4) / Message Audio (Mp3)

#250 Two-Word Ministry by Edgar Mayer
Description(19/10/14): Romans 6:1-14.
Downloads: Script / Message Video (Mp4) / Message Audio (Mp3)

#249 Fun with Words of Colour by Edgar Mayer
Description(12/10/14): Ezekiel 37:1-14.
Downloads: Script / Message Video (Mp4) / Message Audio (Mp3)

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